Blessed Samhain

This has been an amazing month.  I’ve been working with the Siren’s over at Samhain’s Sirens with their amazing month long celebration.  Lots of blog posts, altar photos, recipes and more.  It has been a wonderful month.  I’ve been heads down the last week working with hubby on getting our house ready.  My vacation started on Monday, yet we are still here tying up loose ends before we head out on our wonderful wild west adventure.  Today is another milestone in my life.  Hubby and I are celebrating our 15 year anniversary. It has been such a wonderful life since we decided to put aside all the hurt we had experienced up until that day and bring our lives together. Since the first moment he said “I think you should date me.”  to me climbing up the side of a house to remove a satellite dish my life with him has been a series of challenges, obstacles and victories. Through all the heart ache of family abandonment to disownment, he was there. Together we will continue to move forward and be there for each other. Today I celebrate my wonderful life with my amazing husband. Life is good.

I have always felt closest to magic this time of the year.  When the veil is thinnest and we are able to commune with the spirit world. We married on this day. We connected on a level, in my opinion, that was spiritual. Take some time today to reconnect with the spirit world.  Work with the dead, open your heart and mind to the possibility of learning and growing.  Fifteen years ago, I felt I was at the end of my rope.  Then I was rescued. I opened my heart and allowed someone to come in. Today I am happier for it.

Look forward for more updates as we continue our adventures.

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