BaubleSmith Wish Box – Just Released!

Good Morning Everyone! Happy December. As we continue to work on ways to provide you with an amazing experience at BaubleSmith; we have created a new way to save and share your treasures! Introducing the BaubleSmith Wish Box! When you log into the site you can now save your favorite items in the Wish Box to share with friends and family. This is a great way to share your favorites with friends and family.

Your Wish Box saves your item so you can share it temporarily, however each one is one of kind so when it is sold, it will be gone.

Here’s a look at the new interface.

Simply navigate to the item you want to add to the Wish Box and click the Add to Wish Box button.

From there, you can add the item to your cart, remove the item from the Wish Box or share with your friends and family by clicking the social buttons below the entry. Please remember that to save/share you will need to create an account on the site.

You can also find your Wish Box on both the header and footer menu!

I hope this new feature will help you get your treasures, quicker and easier. Take a moment to head over and check it out. Feel free to register for the newsletter to get updates on our adventures directly in your inbox!

Looking forward to a fantastic year with you!


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