A Bohemian free spirit with a desire to create sparkly things sums up in a nutshell who I am. I spend my spare time working with assorted wires, metals and gemstones to create one of a kind custom works of wearable art. When I'm not creating jewelry you can find me in a corner creating fantasy creatures out of polymer clay, some available to adopt. Or outside taking photographs. I even have some of my work up for sale on Fine Art America.

My drive for providing the highest quality work has led me down several paths eventually leading me to work with Elijah to create BaubleSmith. We are the makers of shiny things, small things and tiny works of magic.

Acquiring our Art

Each of our pieces adds a sense of uniqueness and elegance to your wardrobe. We offer custom created pieces as well as our one of a kind hand crafted works. Our work can be found on our Website, as well as at local art and jewelry festivals near you. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with all our adventures.

If you think you may be interested in commissioning a piece simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you. From creating that special ring from your coin or creating a one of a kind wire weave pendant around your special stone we strive to provide not only the highest quality service but also that special touch that will make your item a one of a kind bauble to be treasured for a lifetime.

Take a look at our portfolio to view some of our one of a kind creations or head over to our shop to pick up something unique!


Elijah's dedication to perfection and his drive to create superior work makes him the perfect yin to my yang. He spends his time creating lovely flatware jewelry, including rings, bracelets and pendants. His expertise does not end there. Additionally he folds coins to create rings out of coins from all over the world.
From silver spoon rings to a silver 1/2 dollar ring, his skill and dedication to his craft is apparent. He also works with our apparel line, creating quality custome festival ware for those with a fantasty spirit. He brings a strength and level headiness to this little world we call BaubleSmith.
We have expanded our line to include some of the amazong bath salts and scrubs created by Elijah. He has been making my own personal bath additives for years and just this year we decided to include these in our shop. Take a moment to check out those new additions to BaubleSmith under the BaubleBath product line.